There are those who may be turned off by anime in general, but despite this one being seemingly aimed at early teens, the art direction is visually psychedelic and the storyline, however simplistic, works well with the visuals. Hiroyuki Imaishi did a great job with this one.

Be forewarned that the streaming version of this on youtube and netflix are english dubbed (something i can’t stand). Although i have to admit i enjoy the 90’s style rave mash-up soundtrack (which is the same as the original Japanese version).


Bad Teacher

This will probably be bad and predictable but i probably still will see it, mainly to see why Justin Timberlake hasn’t been making any new records.

A friend has passed on this brilliant website that randomly selects previews to show you to possibly incite you to go watch the film. i am a sucker for previews, i get to films early just to watch them. If you feel the same way, check out this site.

Brain rot for a rainy day?

Police Academy 1

Police Academy 2 (this is the best one, gotta say i was really into Bobcat Goldthwait)

Police Academy 3

Police Academy 4

Police Academy 5

Police Academy 6

Police Academy 7

Police Academy 8 (scheduled for 2012, the film series that won’t go away)


i love Takeshi Miike films, even the not so great ones. This one i watched for the 10th time and each time it still freaks me out. Miike excels in the shock factor with a good story to back up the use of such tactics. My words will not do the films justice, just do yourself a favor, check them out, but be prepared for the psychological roller-coaster you are about to get on.

Director Kaneto Shindō brings forth a film of despair presenting us with a family who lives on an island and the trials and tribulations they must deal on a day to day basis just to survive. Little dialog is used or needed to convey the physical and emotional baggage that this family has to endure just to survive on their chosen piece of land. This was showing at BAM and is a part of series of other Japanese films from the 1960’s being shown there.


Lars Von Trier’s latest, Antichrist, is supposedly the most shocking film shown at Cannes. i don’t think it is that shocking, perhaps typical in the realm of certain topics, but it is an interesting and disturbing film nonetheless that deals with psychology vs. religion, man vs. woman, logic vs. emotion, etc…

As one would expect, Antichrist, on the surface, seems to support christian notions of nature being the den of evil (e-den) and that women, being close to nature, are the harbingers of evil, emotional (like nature) and being against man (who is supposedly logical). Although, despite these surface observations while watching the film, i had a feeling that Von Trier was actually commenting on the insanity of said beliefs and actually called them into question, at least this is what i am hoping for, since this film seems very anti-woman upon first viewing. If you are feeling like an intense film, watch it and let me know what you think.

Spectacle Theater

Spectacle Theater is a new favorite haunt for some more underground and possibly forgotten films, occasionally with live musical accompaniment.
Check out their schedule for further info.

The world lost another great musician this month, Poly Styrene passed away April 25th from cancer.

A documentary about Lee Scratch Perry that was promised to be in theatres in march 2011 but i haven’t seen it listed anywhere. Definitely looking forward to learning more about one of Reggae’s greatest producers.